Introducing a “Tree of Life” locket pendant

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Locket pendant "Tree of Life" sterling silver o gold

3 forgotten essential qualities of lockets

Based on these three ancient principals, a goldsmith studio “ArsAura” is revitalising a millennium-long tradition of jewellery craft:

  • Be spiritual – has to be connected with your Inner Self
  • Be beautiful – has to be elegant and create a Positive “Shock”
  • Be practical – has to be useful and serve you in your Daily Life
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Locket Pendants Tree of Life big size sterling silver necklace

Why it is so important that your jewelry have a spiritual aspect?

Living in made of concrete noisy cities we often find our selves disconnected from our harmonical inner self, childlike spontaneous state of a mind and a heart.
We recommend you to visit archeological museums and galleries. Keep your phone aside and look at some art from Ancient Egypt you will find it simple, self-content, colourful and full of symbols.
These Symbols like “Tree of Life” when they are made with the right artist have an ability to call us back to our True Selves.

Locket pendant Tree of Life big size sterling silver Lady

Be Beautiful what does it mean?

Beautiful in a modern world usually associated with decorative, superficial or luxury and also not related to gentlemen, only ladies,
but in reality, we are just not able to perceive Beauty because one part of our brain did not have a chance to develop. This part connected to our “heart” or solar plexus is using emotions instead of thoughts and consuming Impressions as a food.
Can you tell the difference when you are in the office without windows versus when you are walking in the European city or in mountains?
ArsAura using this understanding to create handmade jewelry with a unique combination of natural gems, adding special texture to precious metals, harmonious proportions and ancient symbols.
Beauty is a necessity and it gives you a Quality of Life.

Locket pendant big size Tree of Life sterling silver necklace handmade

Why jewelry have to be practical?

Spiritual, Beautiful and also Useful in daily life,
your pendant becomes your Loyal Servant with a grate purpose.
Each ArsAura’s pendant has a specific function- this big size “Tree of Life” locket pendant can serve you like a Photo Frame for 2 Photos, hold a Lock of Hair or can be made to hold securely some ashes inside.
We design our jewelry in mind that you can wear it every single day on every occasion with any outfit(casual or elegant), this is a classical and timeless piece you can carry it everywhere you go. You don’t need a lot of jewelry, you need one you will never get tired of.

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